Entries by Joseph Crottty

Lisa Montgomery

My first climb in Eldo was the Northwest Corner on the Bastille, and I vividly recall thinking, “gosh, I hope I don’t fall and rip all these pins out!” I was coming from the land of desert splitters, so Eldo offered a whole new kind of trad for me. Early on, I was fortunate to […]

Greg German

Greg hails from Louisiana, where climbing opportunities are pretty much limited to trees. After moving to Colorado in 2000, a Colorado Mountain Club mountaineering course launched him into making up for lost time. He learned to lead in Eldorado Canyon and has pursued climbing with an obsessive zeal. He directed the CMC Trad Lead school […]

Naomi Guy

I first came to the US in 1996 to compete in the ESPN X-Games representing the motherland. It didn’t take long for me to find the center of the climbing universe as the gravitational pull is very strong in Eldorado Canyon. My first route in the canyon was Genesis & before long I was asked […]

Mike Schlauch

I first visited Eldo in 1985 during a climbing road trip with my twin brother in our 1979 Subaru. As usual, the Subaru was in the shop, so we decided to spend a few days climbing and ‘camping’ in Eldo. Problem was, there wasn’t any legal camping so we just decided to sleep on the […]

Matt Reeser

In 2010 I bought a 1989 Vanagon and moved from Louisiana to Colorado. One of the first places I started climbing was in Eldorado Canyon. I wanted to climb multi-pitch trad and Eldo seemed like great place to do that. I soon realized that the spice of Eldo excited me and engaged me in a […]

Joe Crotty

After moving to Colorado in the mid 80’s Joe’s dad starting taking him to Eldo and showing him the ropes – pun intended. Eldo has always held a strong magnetic pull and exuded a deep influence on his climbing trajectory. Every opportunity to steal away to Eldo is happily weighed year round when not working […]